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  • Galbanum Essential Oil


    10 ml Galbanum is mentioned in the Old Testament as one of four ingredients for a holy incense. The essential…

  • Ginger Essential Oil


    10 ml Zingiber officinale This Ginger Essential Oil is distilled from the fresh root Country of Origin: india Plant Parts:…

  • Ginger Essential Oil


    50 ml Steam distilled From an Organic distiller Country : Indonesia

  • Grapefruit Essential oil


    10ml Cold Pressed

  • Grapefruit Essential Oil


    50ml Red Grape fruit Citrus paradisi Cold pressed Country : United State & South AFrica

  • Helichrysum Essential Oil


    5 ml Botanical Name: Helichrysum Italicum Plant Part: Flower Extraction: Steam Distillation Origin: FranceProduct Color: Pale to reddish-yellow.Aroma Profile: Fresh, earthy, herbaceous.Perfumery Note: BaseAromatherapy: Soothing, calming, anger…

  • Hyssop Essential Oil


    10 ml Plant part: Leaves & Flowers Extraction: Steam Distillation Origin: Lithuania Product Color: Clear Aroma Profile: Fresh, earthy, fruity, woody, slightly sweet. Perfumery…

  • Jasmine Essential Oil


    10 ml Grandiflorum Absolute High vibrational, uplifting, anti-depressant Exotic, Floral, Rich, Sensual, Soft, Sweet Therapeutic Benefits Anti-anxiety, Anti-depressant, Anti-septic, Anti-spasmodic,…

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  • Juniper Berry Essential Oil


    10 ml Part : Distilledberries Process: steam distilled Growth Method : organic juniperus Communis Organic Extracted from the berries of the fruit…

  • Labdanum Essential Oil


    10 ml Botanical Name: Cistus landaniferusPlant part: Leaves and TwigsExtraction: Steam DistillationOrigin: Spain Product Color: Dark brown to black, sticky…

  • Lavender Essential Oil


    10 ml Lavender essential oil will help calm anxiety, improve relaxation and help to promote a good night’s sleep. Used…

  • Lavender Essential Oil


    50 ml Country of Origin: France Plant Parts: Flowers Cultivation Method: Distiller is Certified Organic Note Classification: Top/Middle Method of…