All organic products begin as a crop grown without toxic, persistent pesticide which can end up in the soil and then affect the food and water

our Fresh from farm produce are grown under a strict and regulated organic practice as approved by NAON, No GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) No Antibiotics, No sewage sludge or synthetic fertilizer No Toxic persistent pesticides, No synthetic growth Hormones, No irrigation


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  • Fresh Olives

  • Irish Potato

    Irish Potato Support sustainable local and organic farmers

  • Dill Seed


    120 g

  • Kale


    1 kg From our certified Organic Farm Support local and sustainable farmers

    Out of stock
  • Aloe Vera Fresh


    1 big Aloe Vera stem

  • Sour – Sop


    1 kg Support sustainable local & organic farmer

    Out of stock
  • Bitter Kola

    Pesticide Free Sustain Local & Organic Farmers

    Out of stock
  • Turmeric Root


    1kg free for first 5 customers to add up in cart support organic and sustainable farmers can be added to…

  • Fresh Eggs


    1 Create (12 eggs) Fresh Poultry eggs Free range eggs From Healthy and naturally grown birds

  • Chicken


    2 kg Farm fresh Free Range freshly butchered& cleaned (on order) whole chicken organic fed farm raised free range chemical…

    Out of stock
  • Naturally Farm Raised Turkey


      Cleaned Organically grown and fed free range farm raised

    Out of stock
  • Beetroot Fresh



    Out of stock