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  • Monk Fruit Powder

  • Cherry Kernel Oil


    30ml Cold pressed unrefined

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  • Orange Tea With Hint of Peppermint


    24 tea bags Citrus, refreshing and helps with cold made with orange and a hint of peppermint made with dried…

  • Milk Thistle Seed Oil


      30ml Milk Thistle, also known by many other names such as Marian thistle and Scotch thistle, is a member…

    Out of stock
  • Ewa Goyin Sauce


    1kg Ready Made Ewa agoyin Powder Mix Pour in Hot water Wait for 30mins and then fry in desired Palm…

  • First Aid Kit

    120 ml witch hazel 10 ml calendula Oil (infused in argan & jojoba oil) 10ml lavander essential oil 20 ml …