Baobab Seed


  • 200g
  • Origin: Senegal



Known as the “Tree of Life” or the “monkey-bread tree,” the baobab tree has held important significance in Africa for centuries. The baobab tree is a symbol of sustenance and life due its adaption to the harsh arid climate; the baobab tree is able to store water in its vast trunk in order to survive the dry season. Rooted in African culture, the baobab tree has also been used for medicinal purposes for centuries –  treating malaria, gastric problems, and as a calcium supplement for pregnant women.

Baobab as a superfruit is a relatively recent phenomenon. Scientific research has found the fruit to have a remarkable nutritional and health benefit. Fresh baobab fruit and the fruit pulp have a high amount of vitamin C: 100 grams of baobab fruit contains up to 500 milligrams of vitamin C. That’s 10 times as much as an equal serving of fresh oranges!

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