Cheese Cloth


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Grade 90 is considered the finest weave and highest quality cheesecloth fabric with its extra strength and durable construction. This cheesecloth is washable and reusable. Used for crafts, tea bags, bandages, dress making, binding, curtains, cheese making, cooking, polishing, staining, filtering, straining, and as an alternative for butter muslin

OUR QUALITY CHEESECLOTH is of Grade 90 ultra-fine mesh . It is made from 100% natural cotton fiber no synthetic mix materials. This cloth is food safe with no bleach, dye, or other added chemicals. It is soft, absorbent but durable and can be washed to reuse many times. There are a variety of culinary and household uses. COMMON USES: Food Strainer for tea, jelly, broth, wine, fruit and vegetable juicing, bean sprouting ** Good cloth filter for cold coffee, nut milk, Greek yogurt, cheese, tofu, ghee making ** Keep poultry moist during basting, hold chicken and fish intact while poaching ** Bags for spices, herbs, handmade soaps ** Wood and fine surface polishing, staining, cleaning, dusting ** Craft projects, decorating, newborn wrap for baby photo shoots

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