Jojoba Powder


  • 100 g
  • Mild exfoliant
  • Vegan friendly
  • Deep-clean, detoxify, and soften the skin
  • For sensitive skin



Our Organic Jojoba Powder also known as Jojoba meal exfoliant  is derived from the jojoba shrub and is composed of fine particles of jojoba seed produced from the extraction of jojoba oil.

Jojoba Meal can be used in both melt & pour soap bases and cold process soap bases as well as scrubs, creams, cleansers, body polishes, massage products, and body washes.

Jojoba Meal provides an aggressive exfoliation while offering the moisturizing qualities of jojoba oil. Jojoba Meal is a great substitute for other seed exfoliates such as walnut meal and apricot shells because it is all natural, organic, rich in proteins, and works well as a gentle scrub. Jojoba Meal helps to deep-clean, detoxify, and soften the skin.

Jojoba Seed Powder  also known as jojoba meal exfoliante is the non-oil part of the jojoba seeds, composed of fine particles of crushed jojoba. The meal helps to gently exfoliate the skin and lock in moisture while allowing the skin to breathe. It is natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, gentle abrasive that can be added to facial scrubs and cleansers, body washes, soaps and more.

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