Lemon Peel Powder


  • 120 g
  • Add to beverages, smoothies, puddings and baked goods. May also be used in pickling spice blends, and encapsulated as a dietary supplement.

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Powdered lemon peel has many uses. It can be incorporated into natural cosmetics, used in cooking and baking and added to natural household cleaners. As a significant source of calcium, vitamin C and potassium, the powder can be encapsulated as a dietary supplement


The lemon is a member of the citrus family believed to originate from Asia. The fruit has a long history of use. In fact, its use as food was recorded in Greece as early as 300 BC. By 20 BC, it seems the lemon was cultivated in Italy. Evidence of its use was discovered in the ruins of Pompeii.

Lemon is a hybrid species of citrus fruit. The plant ancestor may be malum medicum, as described by Pliny. It was the first citrus fruit known in the Mediterranean region, and it was specifically described in a 10th-century Arabic treatise on farming.