Myrrh Gum Powder


  • 50 g
  • Skin Care Product for anti aging , glowing and radiant skin
  • Mix powdered myrrh gum with powdered frankincense when making incense and scented cosmetics.
  • Add to incense blends. Myrrh is also used in spa and aromatherapy products.
  • Myrrh is widely used in the cosmetics and fragrance industries.
  • Powdered myrrh is used to produce insect repellents.



Myrrh gum powder is the dried and ground resin obtained from a small species of Mediterranean tree that is closely related to Boswellia, the tree from which frankincense comes from.

Powdered myrrh is traditionally burned over charcoal as incense. It is also an ingredient in herbal tooth powders. Myrrh powder is also found in many commercially prepared mouth washes and topical liniments and salves formulated to sooth minor irritations, muscle aches and sprains.


Myrrh is a resinous gum obtained from a tree distributed throughout the Mediterranean, Asia and the Middle East. This aromatic resin is thought to be named from the Arabic word murr, which means “was bitter.” Depending on locale, myrrh is also known as Bola, Didthin and Opopanax.

Powdered myrrh is ready to incorporate into your cosmetic and aroma formulations. A little goes a long way in terms of the contribution of resinous oils and fragrance to soaps, lotions, perfumes and incense blends. The bitter yet spicy notes blend beautifully with other aromatic spices, resins and essential oils.