Black Soap , Shea and Coconut oil Set


Our prime beauty care collection comes with three of awesome products in our product catalogue

Prime Black Soap

Prime Shea Butter

Prime virgin Coconut Oil



Prime Black Soap

Prime Black Soap – Made with Frankincense and Myrrh, for an even skin, free from rash, acne and black heads. Made with natural body butters and oil for the best daily mild exfoliation, great for sensitive skin.

What best would you have offered a new born baby mother, friend or even your skin.


Prime Shea Butter

One of the best moisturizing butter used in most of all skin and hair care products around the world known for it anti aging properties, natural moisturizing , soft and silky skin effect prime Shea butter is hand with cold pressed Shea butter. helps seal in moisture in the hair, great for dry skin and lips.


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