Facial Toner


  • 100 ml
  • For Acne prone skin
  • balance out skin tone controls oil production from the skin
  • soothing for irritated skin.
  • antibacterial
  • helps balance your pH levels
  • reduce the appearance of sun spots, discoloration, and even wrinkles
  • refines pores and reduces excess oil production
  • For All skin type
  • Rejuvenationg
  • Make up whips
  • Hand made in small batch


Organic shoppe Facial toners help restore your skin’s natural pH levels, which in turn helps to balance out your skin tone, oil production

Made with seven simple, natural ingredients, this facial toner is affordable, and will give you radiant, balanced skin tone

Witch hazel,  Cucumber distillate, lavender distillate, Jasmine distillate, Rose distillate, Tea tree  and Carrot distillate

Tea Tree is antibacterial (great for acne) and helps balance your pH levels.

Witch hazel has anti-aging properties, refines pores and reduces excess oil production.

Carrot helps reduce the appearance of sun spots, discoloration, and even wrinkles, while lavender is soothing for irritated skin.

These seven simple ingredients pack a big punch for your skin and will leave your face feeling fresh and looking radiant.


Additional information

Additional information

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