Slim Tea


Our Slimming tea cleanses your bowel, detoxify your body system, boost your immune system, treats digestive system, purifies the blood and  getting your whole body ready for your weight loss journey, and helps cleanse your system on cheat days.

  • 30 Tea Bags
  • Made with Burdock, Senna & Ceylon cinnamon
  • Best used at Night before bed time
  • 1 tea bag in a full cup of hot water



  • Against regular believe that using teas only makes you slim, all slimming teas are bowel cleansers and detoxifies , that is the reason you feel light and visit the rest room often after using them
  • These are also one of the reasons you are advised to follow a diet plan and a little exercise while using it. .
  • Real weight loss starts from dropping dress size, sometimes scale , importantly BMI (body mass index) reduction (you will look smaller)