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  • Avocado oil – Green Unrefined

    From: 3,200

    Cold pressed Unrefined Food Grade USDA Certified Organic

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  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    From: 5,000

    Color- Deep Olive Green The organic olive oil offered by Organic Shoppe is 100% cold pressed and extra virgin with…

  • Flax Seed oil


    CI Name: Flaxseed oil botanical name: Linum Usitatissmum Extraction Method: Cold Pressed Processing: Unrefined (Virgin), Filtered Sourced From: United States…

  • Hazelnut oil

    From: 3,500
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    From: 2,000

    Derived from Coconut Oil MCT OIL 60/40 (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is colorless and virtually odorless. Containing high levels of medium…

  • Optiphen Plus Preservative

    From: 3,200

    Effective as a stand-alone system and also functions well with other preservatives. ¬†Offers effective protection against bacteria, yeast and mould…

  • SeaBuckthorn Oil

    From: 10,000

      Prevents Skin Problems BOTANICAL NAME :Hippophae rhamnoides ORIGIN : Ukraine METHOD OF EXTRACTION :Cold Pressed SUGGESTED USE :Food and…

  • Sweet Almond Oil


    100ML A fine culinary oil rich in flavor color and aroma. Also excellent for bodycare. Almond oil is ideal for…

  • Tamanu oil


    50 ml Promotes the formation of new tissue Wound healing and¬† assists the growth of healthy skin Can be applied…

  • Vitamin E oil


    Mixed Tocopherols from Non-GMO Soy sources Origin: Spain EXTRACTION METHOD Vacuum Distillation and Unrefined SUGGESTED USE Food and cosmetic use

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