Organic Shoppe
is not just business; it is personal.

The foundation of this company is rooted in research and the provision of alternative natural organic foods and supplements for a healthier life.

Our Aspiration and Purpose

Our Vision

Our vision is to make healthy living a lifestyle in Nigeria & be the go-to brand for Natural wellness products for all ages and every stage of life

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality natural, Non-GMO, certified organic products and produced in Nigeria

Who We Are

The Organic Shoppe is a leading health & wellness lifestyle manufacturing and e-commerce brand focused on making and promoting the use of natural and organic products for a healthier, happier life. The brand retails an array of organic, Non-GMO, and Natural pr
oducts – ranging from food & drinks, supplements, beauty & personal care- fortified with vitamins & nutrients for a healthy life and glowing skin.and the provision of alternative natural organic foods and supplements for a healthier life.

How we started

Our founder, Moe Koniovo, was overweight all her teenage years,
and in a bid to lose weight, she started to sort and eat only healthy foods.As she fought her health issues, another family member was fighting too. Her grandfather was
diagnosed with Diabetes, which led to early-stage memory loss. Medical intervention seemed not to
yield the required results, so her family turned to natural medicines.

Some herbs and natural oils were
prescribed; which coincidentally also included coconut oil, one of the supplements she was also using
at the time for her weight loss.
However, at that time, access to local organic brands was not as easy as it is today. There were more
foreign brands than local brands. It was not easy to get enough natural coconut oil for herself and her

So Moe decided to make the coconut oil herself. She began to extract it from coconuts she got
from the local market in her kitchen for her family’s use. The Coconut oil was so good that as time went
by, she started to selling them to neighbours and later scaled up to selling to more people online via
Moe’s love for natural foods and supplements continued to grow. In 2014, she enrolled in an aromatherapy school in
New York, where she further grew to love and appreciate the whole idea of conscious and clean eating, wellness, bioindividuality, and understanding your body.
Wellness is such an important aspect of our lives, and approaching it holistically is the most effective way to achieve a
healthy happy life; enjoying nature and its rich produce for daily living.

That is the main reason why Organic Shoppe was founded in 2015 by Moe, the one person who knows what it feels like
to not feel the best of yourself despite eating healthy and staying away from junk. Growing up, eating healthy wasn’t
enough for Moe. She was still overweight and not feeling her best even while eating healthy foods.

To achieve weight loss and better health, Moe studied Nutrition. It helped her to not just eat healthy foods, but to know
the right things to eat to stay healthy at every phase of her life.

She also embraced all things organic and clean; from what she eats to what she applies to her body, like Skincare &
Perfumery. And that is the reason why she went on to study clinical aromatherapy at Tissand Institute of Aromatherapy
from 2014 – 2019 and Skincare & Perfumery at ISIPCA France 2017-2019, to learn how to make a clean version of
personal care products for herself and her family, and now, you too!

Moe’s mantra became Holism. “Wellness is not isolated to a convenient part of our lives” – Moe Koniovo.
This means that one must approach health and wellness holistically to get the best results. Thankfully, you
don’t have to worry about where to get clean organic products for every aspect of your life, because Organic
Shoppe has got you covered.
We have helped brands in Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, and North America develop/improve existing Clean/
natural food & Personal care products.
So go ahead and start shopping, you are in the right place!

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