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Organic Shoppe is more than a company that provides organic produce and products. We also have various service that will help you grow your business in the natural industry and services that will help improve your overall health or begin your journey to healthy living.

We offer a wide range of services from concept and product planning to finished products – Organic Shoppe manufacturing process meets Nafdac standards, and we can work with you to help earn those seals for your products.

Below are some of the services we currently offer.

Our Services 1

Shoppe Plus

₦12,000 – ₦24,000

Shoppe Plus is a convenient delivery option with Shoppe Plus. This annual subscription gives our customers access to free shipping fo all nationwide purchases.

For as low as N12,000/year within Lagos deliveries and N24,000/year outside Lagos deliveries, our customers do not have to worry about expensive delivery fees all year long, making them purchase more of our amazing products anywhere in Nigeria.

Our Services 2

Gogreen Plus

₦5,000/wk, ₦12,000/mo or ₦144,000/yr

Gogreen plus is a monthly and yearly subscription of farm produce to be delivered to your doorstep without breaking your bank.

Farm is medicine, farm is earth healer. We do not participate in industrial agriculture but support sustainable organic farmers in Nigeria. We also believe that food we eat becomes our body, so we are making the best of it cos Nigeria deserves the best. We offer Clean food without cleaning your bank account.

Our Services 3

Shoppe Trade

Shoppe trade is a wholesale discount plan for retailers and producers in the natural skincare beauty or natural food industry.

The wholesale program is subject to the following guidelines: a. Available to businesses which source Natural Products as a core function of their business. b. Minimum average first time order N250,000. c. Standard regular purchase subsequently. d. Business Information (Name, location and full contact details.)

Herbal nutrition

Herbal Life Nutrition


Herbal Nutrition gives you access to a Phytotherapist Consultation for herbal health support.

A Phytotherapist is someone who uses plants and plant materials to treat illnesses and other conditions. With this, you are advised on what plant-derived medications to treat or prevent diseases. We support and care about your health.

Our Services 4

Artisans Support

Artisans Support gives you access to a consultation service that includes creating or improving an existing formula and providing advice on product formulations.

Here is how it works: a. fter you have submitted your formula, or Product to be created along with the problems you’ve encountered, or wanting to solve with your product and/or goals you have on how the final product should look like. Our formulators will provide you suggestions on how to change the formula/ Send you your formulation. This may include using different percentages of existing ingredients and/or using additional ingredients. This service includes only theoretical work and does not include the production of samples. If samples are needed we will provide you quote for the additional costs.

Our Services 5

Custom Production

Custom production is a service that provides a full custom formulation exclusively designed for businesses.

Start from scratch with a unique formula designed exclusively for you. Full Custom Formulation (5 rounds in the lab) making 1-5 from-scratch prototypes to end up with exactly what you want. Most people need fewer than 5 rounds but if you need more, we can accommodate that. Custom formulation services start at N50,000 per product.

Our Services 6

Ready to Label/Semi-Custom Formulating

Ready to label service includes the manufacturing, filling your products using our existing bases, or modifying them to meet your specifications.

We can also label and ship the finished products to you. Our team includes a certified aromatherapist and a certified cosmetics formulator who will ensure that your products are safe and stable for external consumption or use.

Our Services 7

Natures Garden


Created for people looking at health holistically. This service helps to create customized food plans that will make your eating healthy transition easy.

Eat clean, lengthen your lifeGet our free balanced diet meal plan

Get a complimentary 7-day diet meal plan when you join the Organic Shopper community at no cost 

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