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Cayenne Pepper

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Cayenne Pepper

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  • 150 g
  • Used in marinades, hot sauces and sandwich spreads.
  • Added to vinegar and soap, cayenne is often used as a homemade garden plant spray for aphids.
  • Used in the food industry as a flavoring and coloring agent in foods and beverages, including energy drinks.
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Cayenne is a variety of Capsicum annuum, a plant genus and species that includes bell peppers, paprika, red chili peppers, and pimento. It is a diverse genus that has been used for food as well as their healthful properties for centuries. Cayenne pepper is widely used in cooking for its bright heat profile and can be added to seasoning blends, sauces, and sprinkled onto grilled vegetables for a spicy bite. Cayenne powder has traditionally been employed by cultures worldwide for its many healthful properties and can be found infused into oils, vinegars, and even herbal foot soaks. The Capsicum family includes bell peppers, red peppers, paprika, and pimento, but the most famous spicy members of the family are cayenne and chile.
Store in a sealed container away from direct light, heat and moisture

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