Eleuthero Powder


  • 100 g
  • Also known as ginseng root, eleuthero, devil’s shrub, devil’s bush, pepper brush, wild pepper, touch-me-not, wu jia pi, ciwujia
  • Use to make poultices and wound powders.
  • Eleuthero is a member of the ivy family that occurs naturally throughout China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea and the Russian Far East. It is formerly known and still casually referred to as Siberian ginseng, although the designation “ginseng” is now a reserved for the Panax genus.The herb has a long history of use in Asian healing systems that span thousands of years. Eleuthero is considered to be an adaptogen, which means that it supports homeostasis during times of stress.
  • Eleuthero is native to Siberia, northern China, Japan and Korea



Eleuthero is a woody, shrub-like plant in the ivy family that is native to Asia. Although this herb is better known as Siberian ginseng, use of the word “ginseng” in the U.S. is now limited to the Panax genus so the term is no longer accurate (or legal for marketing purposes). The root of the plant has been used for centuries in Asia to produce restorative teas and tonics. In addition to flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, eleuthero root contains a variety of polysaccharides and specific compounds called eleutherosides.