Horseradish Root Powder 100g


  • The powdered root makes it easy to add zing to sauces, spreads and other foods and has the added benefit of having a long shelf life.

    Great Source of Vitamin C, Asparagine, Resin, Glucosinolates, Allyl isothiocyanate.



Horseradish, also called Mountain Radish and Red Cole, is a plant in the mustard family that is native to eastern Europe, where it has been in cultivation for centuries. Both the leaf and root of the plant were once treated as a vegetable and condiment, although it didn’t become widely used in England until the mid-17th century. When lifted or pulled from the ground, horseradish root as little odor. Once broken, however, escaping vapors of its enzymes and volatile oils quickly make their presence known to eyes and nose. In terms of taste, horseradish is hot and pungent, but with a mildly sweet undertone.