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Moroccan black soap

Moroccan black soap

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why spend so much to have a 1 time Moroccan bath in a spa?

  • our 300g Beldi soap will have you 5-10 times hamman bath (2-4month use)
  • super exfoliating – takes off dead skin cell layer
  • Skin toning
  • Anti aging , Anti acne
  • For personal/Home Spa Moroccan bath
  • 300 g Moroccan soap
  • 1 kassa sponge


  • N.B- not an every day soap ,to aviod skin dryness -best used once or twice in 2weeks
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Also known as Beldi Soap or Savon Noir

Beldi soap is made from olive oil. The oil is saponified with potassium hydroxide and this gives the soap its gel-like consistency. Beldi soap is ’såpa’ made from olive oil.

Olive pulp is also part of genuine Beldi soap

Beldi soap is made specially to be used in traditional bath known as hammams. These are often referred to as Turkish baths or Turkish steam rooms in English.

Beldi soap is very specifically Moroccan and not well-established in the hammams of Turkey. Regular visits to the hammam is an important part of life in Morocco and Beldi soap is an important part of the hammam bathing ritual. A Moroccan steam bath consists of several consecutive steam rooms each slightly warmer than the previous one. The bather gradually moves from the coolest to the hottest room and once the skin has broken a good sweat and the pores have opened, Beldi soap is applied all over the damp skin (avoiding the area around the eyes).

The soap – which works as a cleansing masque –  is left to work on the skin for three to ten minutes and is then rinsed off while the skin is vigorously scrubbed all over with a kessa, a wash mitt made from coarse fabric. Sometimes the scrubbing is done by a professional scrubber known as the kessel . The skin is exfoliated and left feeling invigorated and super smooth

Same few drops of Moroccan Argan oil is then used to moisturize the skin as an over night Moisturizer

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