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Mullein Leaf Tea

Mullein Leaf Tea

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  • 24 bags
  • Mullein leaf tea is made with premium-quality organic mullein leaves and flowers and produces a slightly astringent flavor and aroma
  • Help soothe the respiratory system


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  • Mullein Leaf is also known as common mullein, and is used in recipes like Mullein tea, oil infusions and extracts.
  • Known to alleviate common respiratory ailments, and anxiety relief best describes Mullein Leaf. Along with Elderberries
  • 100% PURE –
  • No preservatives or fillers to our spices : 100% SATISFACTION – Our products are hand packed¬†
  • Our gourmet mullein leaves are harvested and sent to us by top growers in the southern United States.
  • We carefully package and ship hand selected batches to you for your healing teas and infusions.Mullein Leaf is an essential ingredient in American folk traditions and herbal cuisine.


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