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Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed

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Brassica nigra


    • Add the crushed seeds to teas. Infuse whole seeds in culinary vinegars or oils.
    • Mustard seed adds interest and contrast to floral displays kept in bowls or jars.
    • The crushed seeds are used to make poultices. The seeds are also used in soap-making.
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A member of the mustard and cabbage family, brown mustard (Brassica nigra) is cultivated worldwide for its vegetative leaves and pungent, spicy seeds. Brown mustard seeds are used in cooking, body care recipes, and also pressed for their oil. Brown mustard seed is often preferred when making whole grain and coarse varieties of mustard and can also be added to pickling recipes and herbal foot baths. Brown mustard seed appears in a range of cultural cuisines worldwide. The seeds are popular additions to pickling blends, condiments, and various coarse and whole grain mustard spreads.
Brown mustard seeds are a popular choice in making mustard condiments, spicing culinary dishes, and can be used for sprouting. Mustard seeds can be incorporated into body care recipes.

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