Myrrh Gum

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  • Skin Care Product for anti aging , glowing and radiant skin
  • Mix powdered myrrh gum with powdered frankincense when making incense and scented cosmetics.
  • Add to incense blends. Myrrh is also used in spa and aromatherapy products.
  • Myrrh is widely used in the cosmetics and fragrance industries.
  • Powdered myrrh is used to produce insect repellents.


  • Add to potpourri mixes and to floral displays.
  • Hang in muslin bags in closets or tuck into drawers and between linens.
  • Burn over smoldering charcoal as incense.
  • Myrrh resin is used in perfumery and in the cosmetics industry.


Myrrh gum is the sap-like resin produced by a thorny shrub in the Commiphora genus, which includes frankincense  When the bark of the tree is cut, the resin escapes in “tears” or small beads, which harden quickly and become glossy and amber-colored with age.

Dried myrrh gum is highly fragrant and is used alone or in blends with other materials to create quality incense


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Myrrh Gum
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