Prime Black Soap


  • 50 g



Got a sensitive skin?

Have you tried all kinds of black soap and have become skeptical about all blacks soaps?

Have a sensitive skin? you have come to your last stop as regards black soap

No other black soap compares to this, this is one black soap made from the very beginning with cocoa pod/ ash , cocoa butter, vanilla extract, hibiscus oil, honey, shea butter, Neem oil, coconut oil, frankincense and myrrh Yet smells and feels so chocolaty

We have made this sample travel size for you Yes you!

We do not get our black soap from the local market , we make ours from the sketch putting skin loving oils and butters together to make this beautiful soap to give your skin a daily mild exfoliation, sunscreen effect, free of acne, rashes , eczema etc, with a great natural skin even effect.

Great for kids too

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