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SeaBuckThorn Oil

SeaBuckThorn Oil

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Prevents Skin Problems

BOTANICAL NAME :Hippophae rhamnoides
ORIGIN : Ukraine
SUGGESTED USE :Food and cosmetic use

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A useful, highly prized oil typically used to treat damaged skin. It can be applied directly to the skin or included within skin care
preparations that are designed to relieve occasional symptoms of problematic skin conditions.

This oil contains essential fatty acids,carotenes, tocopherols, and phytosterols. It is a concentrated oil, and we suggest to use sparingly. The sea buckthorn oil offered by organic shoppe was processed by the cold press method of the entire berry with seeds.

This particular oil will solidify if exposed to low temperatures, and it is best left at room temperature. Some mild staining of skin may occur; this is temporary and washes off easily. Use caution, spread evenly and dilute.

Color– Deep amber/red
Odor– Fatty/Characteristic
Acid Value– 4.0%
Heavy Metals– None Detected
Iodine Value– 86
Pesticides– None Detected
Peroxide Value– less than 2.6
Saponification Value– 191.2
Specific Gravity– 0.915
pH– 3.43

Fatty Acids and Constituents
Beta Carotene– 254 I.U./100 g
Vitamin E– 123 mg/100g
Lycopene– less than 1%
Linoleic– 6.8%
Oleic– 28.4%
Palmitic– 31.3%
Palmitoleic– 29.7%
Stearic– 1.1%

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