Spearmint Leaf

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  • 50 g
  • Herbaceous, with a mint-like scent.

Spearmint leaf is a popular addition to tea blends, where it lends a minty and slightly sweet flavour. Spearmint leaf is also used to make tinctures and syrups to flavour baked goods, confections, cocktails and other beverages. Although spearmint is commonly brewed into hot tea, it is also a key ingredient in sweet tea, a favourite beverage served cold in the southern U.S.

Since ancient times, spearmint has had a reputation for spiritual cleansing and clearing away negative vibrations. In ancient Rome, tables were scrubbed with fresh leaves in preparation for feasts. Aristotle prohibited soldiers’ use of mint before battles, believing it would diminish their aggressiveness.

During the Middle Ages, spearmint was believed to possess mystical powers and was used to dispel the evil eye. It was also a strewing herb that was scattered on the floor to mask odours resulting from poor sanitation as well as to discourage rodent infestations.

It can be used in infused spearmint oil and alcohol tinctures of the herb to make soap, shampoo, lotions and other cosmetics.

Brew alone or with other herbs as tea. The herb is also used as a seasoning in Indian cuisine.

Place teabags of spearmint in areas where rodent activity has been observed to discourage their return.

Alcoholic extracts of spearmint are used in perfumery.

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.


Leaf, Powder

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Spearmint Leaf
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