Aloe Butter: Soothing Butter for Hair and Skin

Due to the natural anti-inflammatory properties and the lignin properties of Aloe Vera , Aloe Butter is a perfect butter to blend with essential oils that are intended for the skin.

Naturally Aloe Butter not only soothes the skin but also draws in the added oils (e.g essential oils) making it aid their effects. Aloe butter is a proprietary “butter” developed exclusively for cosmetic purposes.

Aloe-butterAloe butter is an extract of aloe vera, aloe barbadensis, in a coconut fatty fraction. It is semi solid at room temperature, but melts on the skin.

Aloe Butter aids in rapid hydration of dry skin caused by eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sun burn, wind burn, and general chapping.

Aloe butter is suitable for a variety of skin care applications including use in lotions, soaps, skin creams and lip balms. You can use it to enhance moisturization and to include the properties of aloe in your formulations.

It contains some of the properties of Aloe Vera which include – The ability to sooth the skin and even moisturize the skin.

Aloe Butter can be used as Creams, Soaps, Baby Skincare and after sun lotions. It aids quick wound healing and highly rich in Vitamin A, C, E, D, B12, Choline and Folic acid.

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