Christmas Drink Recipe

During Christmas we tend to have a lot of Sugar drinks in our homes, a gift or purchased to entertain guest, As a health-conscious person, knowing healthy living isn’t a destination but a lifestyle for a healthy living body, in the long run, the temptation might come but our body organs are more important.

The idea about drinks is to take care of thirst which can be satisfied by taking water, but then if we feel a need to take something with a little taste, nature’s candy (Fruit) drink, are safer ways to stay healthy, the sugar in fruits is Nature derived

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Here are Home-Made suggested drinks for a healthy celebration


Hibiscus leaf also known as Zobo is a staple drink in the northern part of Nigeria,

2-5 dried leaf Hibiscus Leaf

1 full washed Pineapple Peel

1strand Lemongrass leaf (optional)

1/2 tablespoon Honey/Sugar/Stevia

1 rind Lime or Lemon

1litre of water







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