Never Remove Makeup Using Wet Tissues

Yes, removing makeup using wet tissues maybe sounds like the right solution, but unfortunately there are numerous negative consequences behind it.

The biggest problem is to find a suitable cosmetic product that will suit your skin type. The struggle, until find the right product for the deletion of makeup, can be very long because it very often brings more damage than benefit. That is the reason why many women do not pay attention to the skin after applying makeup.

Milk and hydrating products went into oblivion when the wet wipes for removing makeup appeared on market appeared, which many girls started using.

Wet wipes seem like the real solution because removing makeup is easy and very simple. When using wet tissues you wipe your face several time and you think everything is finished.

But did you know that wet tissues cause acne, zits and wrinkles on the face?

A number of studies have shown that these tissues do not thoroughly clean the skin of impurities and makeup, but just spread dirtiness collected on your face throughout the day. In addition, the liquid soaked in the wet tissues may contain ingredients that do not suit your skin.

Problems also occur when removing weatherproof mascara and eye shadow, because that way you do sudden and harsh movements that can create tiny wrinkles around the eyes. By irritating the thin skin around the eyes redness, swelling and subcutaneous acne may occur.

In order to prevent this, the best solution is to keep the wet tissues a few seconds on the face in order to absorb the liquid they are soaked in. This way you will solution make up and will be easily removed.

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