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  • Bulk Shea Butter

    From: 850

    food grade Country : West Africa Please Note : all bulk purchase comes in a sealed pouch / sealed bag

  • Castor oil

  • Mica Turquoise



  • Black Castor oil

    Out of stock
  • Silicon Mold


    2 pieces oval For soap making : Melt & pour soaps, Cold processed soaps Microwave safe

  • Ginger Powder


    100 g

  • RoseHip Fruit (whole) 100g


    Use in tea blends and to make jams, syrups and oxymels (herbs infused in mixture of vinegar and honey).

    Out of stock
  • Bentonite Clay

    From: 2,000

    SUGGESTED USE External use only RECOMMENDED SHELF LIFE Under proper storage conditions clay may store indefinitely.

  • Citric acid

    From: 2,000

    Our Citric Acid is derived from 100% pure anhydrous citric acid from crystallized fruit sugar.The crystallization process occurs by a…

  • Bulk Cocoa Butter

    From: 2,000

    Food Grade and Cosmetic grade

  • Chamomile flowers Whole (matricaria chamomilla)


    50 g USDA ORGANIC Can be used for oil / water Infusion Tea