Aloe Vera Powder

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Aloe vera powder works perfectly for the hair as it helps condition the hair, heals irritated scalps and stimulates hair growth.

Aloe Vera leaf powder is also known for its skin healing properties as it contains antioxidants, vitamin C, and other minerals which allow the skin to heal faster and contains salicylates, which serves as a pain reliever.

Aloe Vera Powder can be used for:

  1. Hand Wash
  2. Face Masque
  3. Treatment of Acne
  4. Face Wash
  5. Nourishes hair growth
  6. Added to bath tea formulas
  7. Can be mixed with water to create a gel.  This gel can be applied to burns for pain relief and to promote faster healing
  8. Can be infused and added to lotions, creams, and ointments
  9. Face tonic, body wash, shampoo, conditioner recipes


ORIGIN: Mexico

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