• 100g
  • Effective broad spectrum protection for a wide range of skin and hair care products
  • Active in a wide pH range (best between pH 3-6)
  • Has GRAS (Generally Accepted As Safe) status and is compliant with ECOCERT, WholeFoods and the European REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals)


Use: Recommended use level of 0.75-2.0%. Performs best in pH 3-6. Compatible with practically all raw materials. Can be added directly to the formulation below 100°F/40°C.

External use only.

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Broad-Spectrum Preservative Blend Whole Foods Listed


 Natural broad-spectrum antimicrobial blend in powder form consisting of glucono-delta-lactone (microbial fermentation of corn) which has chelating and hydrating benefits and sodium benzoate (food grade preservative). Non-GMO. Free flowing white powder, water soluble.


INCI Name: Gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, calcium gluconate


Applications: All kinds of skin & hair care products (incl. emulsions, aqueous & anhydrous systems), sun care products, makeup products.



Manufacture: Proprietary blend of three antimicrobial agents. Gluconolactone is produced from an aqueous gluconic acid solution by dehydration involving azeotropic distillation with alcohols, followed by crystallization from the alcohol-containing residue. Calcium gluconate is produced by neutralization of gluconic acid with lime. Sodium benzoate is produced by the neutralization of benzoic acid with sodium bicarbonate.
Animal Testing: Not animal tested

GMO: GMO-free

Vegan: Does not contain animal derived components


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