Grape Seed Oil

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Product may come in a lighter hue as it is produced in various regions in Europe.

  • Cold Pressed
  • Food & Cosmetic Grade
  • USDA certified Organic , Kosher Certified Organic

Country Of Origin: Turkey

Organic Shoppe’s Virgin Organic Grape Seed Oil, commonly referred to by its botanical name Vitis vinifera.

Our Virgin organic grape seed oil is cold-pressed extracted from the seeds of the grape as its name suggests. It is unrefined and filtered with a dark green color and characteristic aroma and flavor.

Grape seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids such as Oleic (C18:1) and Linoleic (C18:2) and has a relatively high smoke point.

Virgin organic grape seed oil is widely used in cosmetic and culinary applications. In the cosmetic industry, grape seed oil is used as an ingredient in various skin and hair products for its emollient properties.

It is applied topically to retain moisture in the skin, promote skin repair and elasticity and treat damaged hair.

Massage therapists often combine grape seed oil with other carrier oils because it is easily absorbed and smoothed over the skin.

For culinary purposes, grape seed oil is used in salad dressings, baked products and as a cooking oil. The naturally occurring high level of linoleic fatty acid makes it a preferred cooking oil for this added nutritional benefit.


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