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Osha Root Whole

Osha Root Whole

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Ligusticum porteri
  • wild crafted
  • 50g
  • Small pieces of osha root may be prepared as tea. The addition of other herbs will enhance flavor.
  • Hot water infusions are used as skin washes and gargles.
    Burn as smudge or incense over charcoal.
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Osha is a perennial herb that inhabits the mountainous regions of southwestern North America and Mexico, with a particularly wide distribution in the Rocky Mountains. The plant is known by a variety of common names, including Wild Lovage, Indian Parsley, Mountain Carrot and (our favorite) Empress of the Dark Forest. As some of these names suggest, Osha is a member of the parsley and carrot family.

The root has a long history of use by the Zuni tribe of North America, who chew the raw root and use it to produce infusions. Osha root is also used to make teas, tinctures and extracts.


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