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Rosemary Whole

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Rosemary Whole

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  • 50 g
  • spices
  • Medicinally, rosemary is approved by the German Commission E to support healthy digestion. It is also approved externally for healthy circulation and alleviation of joint pain. The oil is frequently used for aromatherapy, and has been shown to enhance alertness.
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Rosemary is a member of the mint family as much at home growing near the forest or sea as it is residing in your pantry.

The flavor of whole rosemary blossoms when added to grilled or roasted foods, especially chicken, lamb, potatoes, eggs and tomato-based soups and stews.

Rosemary adds a delightful flavor to cuisine all across the world. The younger leaves are preferred for a sweeter flavor, standing up well to cooking, even at high temperatures. The smell of rosemary is piney and fresh; familiar but also distinctive. It is baked into breads and crackers, and is classically used as a rub for pork and lamb.

Food manufacturers add rosemary to meats and sauces as an antioxidant and stabilizer. The herb is also used to make liqueurs, such as Benedictine and Danziger Goldwasser.


1 review for Rosemary Whole

  1. Blessing (verified owner)

    It was great and tasty in my stew

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