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Rose Petals

Rose Petals

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  • 250g
  • A good source of vitamin C, colourful addition to tea blends and potpourri mixtures.
  • Infuse in oil or alcohol for use in skin cleansers, soaps, lotions and creams.
  • Use to add colourful accents to salads, soups, cakes and other foods
  • Add to tea blends
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Rose “Rosa Centifolia “- ¬†Called The “Queen of Flowers” symbolizes romance, success, happiness, and friendship.

Enjoy the subtle essence of roses throughout your home, as has been done for centuries, or relax in a bath tub full of fragrant petals. A timeless remedy against anxiety, depression, insomnia, dizziness, stomach upset, menstrual cramps and PMS, and inflammation and redness of the skin (especially around the face).

Roses balance the mind while nurturing the spirit. Roses are a must-have for making rose-water, bath soaks, sachets, herbal wraps, sleep pillows, potpourri, and more.


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