Difference between Herbs and Spices

The visit of Queen of Sheba to the famous King Solomon in the tenth-century b.c was one of those historical events that gave a pattern of an honorary visit to royalties. It comes with a whole lot of encomium. Rare gifts are offered in reverence to the king. Herbs and spices are some of the special gifts given to the king by Solomon by Queen Sheba.

Difference between Herbs and Spices


Many people believe herbs and spices are the same mostly because they are pronounced together. Often when herbs alone are mentioned some generally believe it’s all about trado-medicine.

However, when herbs and spices are mentioned together, it is most like regarded as food supplements



Hundreds of herbs and spices have been used in cultures all over the world for thousands of years. During this time countless traditions, myths, and rituals have evolved in times past foul or nasty odours were often associated with evil, while sweet, fragrant scents indicated goodness and purity. Some herbs have connections to funerals too such as rosemary herbs.

Modern medicine led to a decrease in the use of herbal medicines in Western countries in the twentieth century. Nevertheless, herbal remedies remain widely used in many poorer parts of the world, and herbal remedies have begun to regain popularity in the West. Many old uses. Herbs and spices with strong or unpleasant scents were avoided,



Difference between Herbs and Spices

Although herb and spice are often used interchangeably, they are two distinct types. The leafy part of plants is called Herbs derived from the term herbaceous, While Spices are parts of the plant other than the leafy bit such as the root, stem, bulb, bark or seeds. However, one single plant can be both a herb and a spice.

Herbaceous plants are medicinal, flavorsome and efficacious. Herbs are prepared in the different forms either by cooking, eaten raw and fresh.  Spices are an essential component of cuisines from all over the world. Various tastes of spices are usually categorized into five taste groups, sweet, pungent, tangy, hot.



Herbs and spices are what you use in different forms every day. Which makes it a major component in our diet, how do you use your herbs and spices?

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Difference between Herbs and Spices


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