The Truth About How to Have a Complete Moroccan Bath at Home


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Skin plays an important role in the general wellness of our bodies, but having a soft and skin-tight body is also important for self-esteem. There are many things that can prevent your skin from feeling soft and smooth, including exposure to the elements, irritants and pollutants, lack of moisture, and poor overall health.

Continuous maintenance of a soft and smooth skin involves proper dieting, keeping to good healthy routines, consciously pampering your skin but inside and outside, and avoiding things that could irritate or dry out your skin.

Most importantly, to give your skin some major love, you’ve got to continuously remove those dead cells. Continuous exfoliation is one of the best ways to naturally groom a soft and glowing skin, according to Dr Levin, she advice that for you should exfoliate at least once every week.

One very effective and natural way of performing this ritual is through a Moroccan bath.

A Moroccan bath, popularly known as Hammam is an age-old cleaning skincare ritual that not only softens the skin but also relaxes and rejuvenates tired muscles.

After a full year of hard work, what better way to end the year than pampering and revitalizing worn-out muscles and tissues?

This bathing technique is one of the most extravagant ways to remove dead skin layers, leaving your skin virgin, soft, and beautiful.

Despite the advantages of the Hammam, it’s still quite a not-so-popular routine for most skincare lovers, Here’s why:

  • A comprehensive Moroccan bath costs averagely 35,000 naira, at a standard spa house and having this on a regular can be very expensive for an average earner
  • Even though there are a few spas that perform this ritual, a good number of them do not perform the full process nor even gets very detailed with the ritual requirements; not because it’s hard, but out of ignorance.
  • Most spa houses that can dutifully perform these rituals are not readily available and you may be far from where you live.


  • Pour your clay into a bowl and mix with yoghurt and water – Before you start your bath, get the clay ready to be applied.
    Unlike the popular alternatives, our Moroccan clay comes in we well granulated powdery form, which saves you the stress of having to start grinding the clay in the raw form it comes.

    Add a little water mixed with yoghurt. The yoghurt is crucial for skin shedding, thanks to its lactic acid. The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of yoghurt also protect against blemishes.Mix the clay, yoghurt and water till it becomes evenly mixed.

    PS: You can also add honey, to enrich the skin, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

  • Steam up your bathroom – Next is to steam up your bathroom, as this will unclog your pores and prepare your skin to absorb the soap and clay as much as possible, resulting in the ultimate exfoliation for your skin.Close shut any outlets and openings, – including the door bottom with a towel. Turn on the hot water to fill the tub, let it run until the room is steamy.

  • Arm yourself against dehydration – To keep yourself hydrated during the bath, bring with you into the room, a bottle of water to drink periodically.
    Secondly, wet a towel with cold water and apply it to your neck or forehead, to avoid you feeling lightheaded.

    LEAVE THE ROOM, if you begin to feel faintly and nauseated.

  • Sit in the steam for 15 minutes – before you enter the bath, relax and let the steam work into your skin. If you start to feel lightheaded, drink some more water, if it gets worse, open the door or window.


Take a Moroccan bath to have a soft and glowing skin
  • Soak in the bathwater for several minutes – Wait for about 8 minutes in the water before you begin massaging and exfoliating your skin.
    If the water has become too cool whilst you were steaming off, add more until the temperature warms to your liking

  • Knead the black soap onto the body – Work the soap into a lather, then rub it all over your skin, from your feet to your shoulders. Use circular movements to work the soap into your pores.

    When applying the soap to your face, avoid getting too near to your eyes and mouth.

    PS: Black soaps react distinctively to different skin types, hence, can dry some types out. Apply a moisturizer if your skin feels irritated after the bath.

  • Use the kessa sponge to exfoliate – Use the kessa sponge in rubbing up and down your body to remove dead skin cells.
    Use where you massaged the black soap, rub the sponge firmly but not harsh enough that it bruises your skin top-layer.

    This step helps increase blood circulation and reduces cellulite

  • Rinse off the soap – Once you’ve carefully exfoliated your skin, stop before your skin feels irritated or bruised.
    Cup your hands in the warm water and pour it on your skin until you have completely rinsed away the soap remnant.


  • Apply the mixed clay – You remember the clay, water and yoghurt solution we mixed earlier? Yeah, it’s time to use it.

    Retrieve the mixture and apply it to your body. Focus on the rough areas of your skin. Moroccan clay is safe to be applied on your face, but avoid it getting near or into your eyes.

    • Step out of the bath whilst you apply the mud.
    • If you get the mud into your eyes, flush them out with a cool running water for 15 minutes, if possible, see a doctor immediately after the bath

  • Leave the mud on for 5-10 minutes – The mud needs time to sit-in before your skin starts to absorb the cleansing minerals. Wait at least 5 minutes, then rinse the mud off your skin. Step out of the bath and rinse yourself clean in the shower.

    You should immediately start to notice softer skin, after the bath.

    PS: You should rinse in a cold shower, this works best to re-close your opened pores.

  • Dry your skin gently with a soft towel – Once you’ve rinsed yourself off the mud, dry yourself softly and gently, soft-press the towel on your skin until dry instead of rubbing.
    Drying too harshly or strongly can remove some of the cleansing minerals and roughen your skin.

    Quick Tip: Put your towel in the dryer beforehand to quickly dry your skin.

  • Press Rosewater on your skin – After the Moroccan bath, wrap up the pampering by graciously rubbing your skin with sweet-smelling rosewater.
    This helps you cool the skin, reducing inflammation and oiliness.

    To Apply: Add a few drops of rose water on a dry washcloth and pat it into your skin.

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