Citric acid

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Our Citric Acid is derived from 100% pure anhydrous citric acid from crystallized fruit sugar.The crystallization process occurs by a submerged fermentation process, using natural carbohydrates, such as sugar and dextrose, as a substrate. Our citric acid comes from the fermentation of crude fruit sugars and is chiefly used to help extend a product’s shelf life, in retaining a product’s texture, and guarding against appearance loss. It is also a fabulous base ingredient in bath fizzes and scrubbing salts. Blends easily and fluidly without creating a gritty feeling to the final product.

Assay– 100% Pure
Color– White
Appearance– Crystalline powder
Odor– Odorless
Heavy metals– less than 3 ppm
Moisture– 0.05%
Storage Temperature– Not to exceed 90°F
Mesh Size– US #30 Mesh

The particular variety of Citric Acid offered by Organic Shoppe is USP grade and is soluble in water and alcohol. USP grade signifies that it has been certified by the United States Pharmacopeia, which ensures that products are the appropriate identity as well as strength, quality, purity and consistency.

Citric acid is a very useful and effective preservative, obtained from naturally occurring organic acids. It exists in many different fruits and vegetables, but is especially concentrated in lemons and limes.

Although it is also produced in refineries by using cane sugar, molasses, and dextrose, the citric acid stocked by organic shoppe comes from the fermentation of crude fruit sugars. Citric acid is present in almost every life form, it is consequently easily metabolized and eliminated from the body.

Citric acid is used extensively in the food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. It has been recognized as safe by all major national and international food regulatory agencies, and is also approved by the FDA and in Europe for use in food.

Citric acid is often a base ingredient in bath bomb recipes, and is the agent responsible for the “fizzing” action. At room temperature, Citric acid is a white powdered form. However, it may be dissolved and easily incorporated into your recipes by heating it in a liquid mixture to a temperature above 74 degrees C.


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