The Clean Skincare Secret You Need to Add to Your Routine

The ingredient lists on many skin sprays (you may know them as toners, essences or face mists) are packed with unpronounceable ingredients no one without a lab coat would recognize. But have you heard about hydrosols? They’re a cleaner option because they’re made only from the cellular water in plants. Read on to find out how they can make your complexion look smoother, toned and more hydrated.

What is a Hydrosol?

Hydrosols are created when plant material is steam distilled, extracting the water from the plant cells. And this water is anything but basic H2O — it has many  therapeutic benefits (more on that to come).

It’s this distillation process that distinguishes hydrosols from many of the other face sprays out there — some of which are even called floral waters — but are often made just by mixing an essential oil with water. In order for a product to a be a true hydrosol, the water has to actually come from the plant.

Why Use a Hydrosol?

The real question is, why shouldn’t you? Like essential oils, they offer a seemingly never-ending list of aromatherapeutic benefits, depending on which plant they’re sourced from. They also have multiple topical benefits like making the skin appear smoother, toned and more hydrated. Seemingly, no matter your complexion concern, there’s a hydrosol for that.

How Do I Use a Hydrosol?

All you have to do is spritz it on. Yes, it’s that easy. After you’ve cleansed your skin, hold the bottle a few inches away from your face and mist with about five to seven sprays (your skin should feel saturated), then press it in gently with your fingertips. Make this the first step in your morning routine and follow with the serum, moisturizer or oil of your choice (and sunscreen of course). Or, spray on the hydrosol anytime throughout the day to instantly refresh your complexion. Plus, you can also use these multi-tasking mists in any other number of ways: Spritzed onto your body as fragrance, in your car or home as an air freshener, on sheets and linens to freshen fabric … the list goes on and on.

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