Best Essential oils for a Good Night Sleep

Sleeping well is one of the best things we can do to support our health and wellbeing.

But sometimes it’s really hard to do. So how can we make falling asleep and staying asleep easier?

First, creating a bedtime schedule , that includes a few simple habits like turning off our devices at least an hour before bed, (phones, computers, tablets) and practicing a few mind-body exercises like gentle breathing, meditation or easy yoga stretches can be an excellent place to start.

But if you are looking for a real game changer, you should definitely give essential oils and some Herbal teas a try. 

Aroma has the remarkable capacity to shift our mindset and trigger a cascade of chemicals in our brains, (think hormones and neurotransmitters) that can simultaneously affect our mind and body. Just a simple sniff can have a profound effect.

Our sense of smell is directly connected to the part of our brain that controls all of our unconscious physiological functions and behaviors.

So that means when we smell an aroma that we find soothing and relaxing, our unconscious mind triggers the release of certain hormones and neurotransmitters that have been shown to relieve stress, anxiety and induce the relaxation response.

Here are 5 Essential Oils to support our sleep, so we can wake up feeling fully refreshed and rejuvenated.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Steam distilled from the flowering tops. Lavender essential oil is anti-inflammatory, sedative to the central nervous system, soothes anxiety, heals wounds and quiets the mind.

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) – Steam distilled from the flowering tops. Clary Sage essential oil is deeply sedating to muscle tension caused by mental stress; antispasmodic, anti-anxiety, deeply relaxing.

Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) – Steam distilled from the tiny delicate flowers, this essential oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer, immediately quells over-reactive emotions, quiets an overactive mind and makes us sleepy.

Marjoram (Origanum majorana) – Steam distilled from the common culinary herb. This essential oil has a spicy warming aroma that helps relax the body from emotional stress and tension. A strong antispasmodic, and muscle relaxer.

Coriander Seed (Coriandrum sativum) – Steam distilled from the seeds of the coriander culinary herb. This oil is known to feature molecules that relax the nervous system, and soothe the buzz from everyday stressors.

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