Ewagoyin / Ewaaganyi is a type of beans and sauce or stew indigenous to the beninoise people
Such a delicious delicacy typically found in Lagos, as the young ladies hack
its sold with bread, yam or plantain, Growing up it was a meal to look up to as it became scarce to find as an area begin to experience civilization.

Fast forward to 2018, we were in the city of Houston to launch our US online store and found it difficult to locate a store that served the indigenous taste of Ewagoyin. we found a need to produce The Authentic Ewagoyin stew which we produce and sell in the US, and Lagos Nigeria.

Due to Diligence and ensuring the true health benefit aside from the wonderful taste, We had a proper lab test for a batch of our Licious ewagoyin sauce, we were amazed at the Nutritional value the Vitamins
Below is the Nutritional value of licious Ewagoyin sauce.

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