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  • 500g Raw Africa Black soap
  •  Hibiscus leaf  (hand full)
  • 500ml Distilled Water
  • Black Walnut Powder (optional)
  • 100g Cocoa powder (optional)
  • 50g powdered Coffee (optional)
  • Add the hibiscus leaf in the 500ml water, put to boil, add other ingredient as desired ,
  • Break Raw black soap into pieces put in a bigger bowl , Pour the mixed boiled water over it  cover and leave for 5-12hrs (check and stir at interval), it would make a thick liquid paste, Add more water for desired consistency
  • Pour in a bottle keep in a cool and dry place or refrigerate
  • Use as often as you Can, Ensure to oil hair fr0m the root after washing your hair

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  1. please is it fresh hibiscus flower or one can also make use of the dry one

    1. you can make use of the dried or fresh one