DIY Jojoba Bead Exfoliant

There are different ways to get the exfoliating benefits of jojoba seed power outside using in soaps and scrubs.

The best exfoliante for sensitive skin (mild & gentle)

Because Jojoba meal is composed of finely grounded particles of crushed Jojoba seeds, which is the  remains after the mechanical extraction of Jojoba oil.

It lightly exfoliate the skin while minimizing the look of pores on the skin

Jojoba meal also has low abrasive properties and is a gentle way to deep-clean, slough off dead skin cells, and soften the skin.

3 ways to make a Rich facial mask with Jojoba powder

Jojoba Powder & Honey

My best blend, its pasty and spreads nicely on the skin , because of the viscous nature of honey , it helped the jojoba powder breath and spread and sit pretty well on the skin.

1 /2 teaspoon jojoba meal

1 teaspoon pure honey

2 drops of frankincense or myrrh

Leave on the skin until dry, rinse off with clean water.

Enough for 1 time scrub

Jojoba Powder & Hydrosol

Jojoba powder isn’t a smooth powder so making a blend with an hydrosol gives it a sort of a semi- smooth paste . Not totally smooth but works will witht the hydrosol, while the meal does the exfoliation the hydrosol and essential

1/2 teaspoon Jojoba Powder

2 tablespoon hydrosol (i used lavender hydrosol)

1 drops of essential oil of choice ( i used Jasmine essential oil)

Jojoba Powder & Jojoba oil / Coconut oil or Almond oil

Kinda a coarse mixture but smells really therapeutic and strong yet mild on the skin & very moisturizing ,

not as smooth as the honey and hydrosol blend, this is a great for a moisturizing regime

1/2 teaspoon Jojoba Powder

1 1/2 tablespoon oil of choice (used coconut oil)

2 drops of essential oil of choice ( i used Tea tree essential oil)

Yet to try it with ACV …………………………………

as soon as we do we will post or drop a comment for others to learn from your DIY recipe with jojoba meal powder



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