Food Rich In Vitamin C-


We almost have Vitamin C in all our food but what makes the difference when we become intention about Vitc and its the consistency and the quantity we take in

Not Only does Vitamin C act as an antioxidant, it also helps us age nicely

What you eat actually alters the look and health of your skin, not just on your face but all over your body. But eating for
a more youthful appearance isn’t the same as eating for weight loss…….. We will get to this more in our next blog post

One of the great things about Vitamin C, in addition to its free radical-fighting power, is its essential role in the production of
collagen and elastin. That’s why vitamin C is so good for your skin, whether you eat it or apply it topically.

Vitamin C is watersoluble so it is quickly excreted by your body. In other words, our body don’t store it, so you should eat vitamin-C-rich foods everyday. A study from the UK found that women with a higher vitamin C intake had fewer wrinkles and less dry skin than
women with average or low levels of vitamin C intake .

While most people think of citrus fruits as the best source of vitamin C, many fruits and vegetables contain lots of it, especially when you eat them fresh. Vitamin C degrades quickly after harvest
and with cooking, so eat these fruits and veggies as soon as you can after purchasing, and look for them in the farmer’s
market where they are more likely to be extremely fresh.
Try to eat at least two servings of vitamin-C-rich food everyday. That’s about a cup of berries or chopped raw vegetables.
Good sources include:
• Blackberries
• Blueberries
• Broccoli
• Brussels sprouts
• Cabbage
• Cantaloupe
• Cauliflower
• Gooseberries
• Grapefruits
• Honeydew
• Kale
• Kiwi
• Mango
• Oranges
• Papaya
• Pineapple
• Pomegranates
• Raspberry

. Bell pepper (TATASE)

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