Menstrual Pain Erasers

Painful periods can be due to several factors, but tension will certainly add to muscle spasm and cramping pains, if there’s no organic or structural cause of the discomfort, try using essential oils as a hot compress or in the bath.

Some essential oils have a reputation for improving the menstrual cycle in ways other than as a compress or added to a hot bath;  kindly seek advice from a professional aromatherapist for longer-term treatment

For a hot compress, soap a pad with in hot water mixed with one drop of each rose geranium and clary sage essential oilsApply the compress over the lower abdomen to relieve menstrual pain. Alternatively, a fairly hot bath with three drops rose geranium, Three drops of clary sage oil will quickly relax the cramped or aching muscles..For many women, the days leading up to a period can be fraught with mood swings, irritability and other symptoms, professional treatment may be needed for full assistance; however, you could try this blend of essential oils if before each period you feel very tense and critical of those around you, or you just want to devour a box of chocolates!Add three drops of  clary sage essential oil to a hot bath and lie back, allowing the aroma to soothe you, and the warm water to soak away any tension in your body, Alternatively you could try using this mixture in a massage oil and rub it gently into your lower abdomen for a soothing and relaxing effect.


  • Slowly and firmly massage the lower abdomen with your hands, close your eyes and continue the massage until you feel relaxed
  • Move your hands in a clockwise direction, working upwards towards the chest; try to remain relaxed the whole time so that the tension drains away.
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