Inspiring a Healthier You

In 2020, with the lockdown keeping us all indoors, I decided it was time to ditch my unhealthy habits. I was that girl with a 38/40 waistline. Being cooped up led to a lot of emotional eating, and it got to me. Feeling uncomfortable in my own body, I committed to a healthier lifestyle.

It wasn’t a quick fix. It took months of sticking to the plan. When the lockdown ended, and I was back in the world, people couldn’t believe the change.

“What happened? You’re so slim now!” “You were prettier when you had body” they’d say. The comments were overwhelming, and at first, it was a bit much. But looking back now, I’m grateful for the journey.

Don’t worry my friend, the key is to get your mind in the game. Make the change for you and not for anybody else! Love your body but there is room for improvement if YOU WANT IT.
Once you’re mentally prepared, the rest follows. So, here’s hoping my story motivates someone else on their journey.

And to you who is invested in your health; cheers!

Make healthy living a lifestyle! 🍽

With love, Kemi🌹

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